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Hello wonderful Seed Enthusiasts!

We are very happy that your journey brought you here.

At the Seed Library we try our best to make organic local seed available in your community. We are so lucky to have passionate volunteers that are happy to support your taking back the soil. Here is an easy step by step on how to get started.

Currently we have two locations : Check em on IG @slolaaltadena and the Venice branch @Seedlibraryofla.

To Become a member:

1. Complete the Membership Form (Name/address/email/Safe Seed Pledge)

2. Please send a minimal donation of $10 via paypal to If you cannot make an online payment send checks and cash to PO BOX 1021 Culver City CA 

3. Reach out to the branch local to you so we can get you in our information loops.

4. Make sure those email addresses are on your safe sender list so that we don't get spammed out of your inbox. Monthly emails highlighting the Seeds of the Season and regular SLOLA updates will be a great place for your to keep in touch with us. Reply with questions, photos, and recipes of what you do with your seed.

5. Check the Seed Catalogs for your Seed preferences.

6. Email your completed Check Out form to you local branch.

7. Please allow a full 14 days for order processing.

8. Steward Seed to your best abilities.

9. Clean, dry, and LABEL your seed for safekeeping

10. Return Seed to PO BOX 1021 Culver City CA with a completed Check IN Form

If you are already a member you can follow steps 4-10.

As we are encouraging everyone to tap into the abundance in our actions, we know that returning seed may not be feasible the first few rounds through and that's ok. We are confident that you can get the hang of it. Until then please remember to support your seed workers via paypal to

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