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Seeds for dinner?

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

Meet the people who are planting the Seeds

Seed School Teacher Training 2016 Graduates and Seed Historians.

Seed School

Generally we don't think about all of the food we eat was at one point a seed. Or that most of the food we eat are SEEDS. Cultural traditions around food ceremonies have shifted so drastically that cooking has become more of a culinary art than means to health and quality of life.

With Seed School and Seed School Teacher Trainings we aim to equip the attendees with the skills they need for plentiful and diverse yields of fruits and seeds. In consequence a mindfulness around resources of ancient agricultural cultivation allows for the abundance consciousness to settle in.

The coming together of such skilled Plant Breeders and Seed Historians at SLOLA's Seed School Teacher Trainings are rich with soulful stories and flavorful food.

Every conversation was brimming with inspiration. Seed from all over the country were coming together to be exchanged for their vigor and creativity. Lasting friendships and food sources are created every training with the networking that happens. It is now more important than ever to hold space for seed communities. Traditions of safe & healthy food cultivation are dwindling quick. There aren't many gatherings that have home milled bread, local strawberry jams, and fresh herbal infusions for breakfast. Imagine what lunch can be.

Reserve your spot

Seed School Is offered by popular demand. Seed teachers and mentors are always happy to share their information, Volunteering at the seed library or other community gardens local to you would be like the lab for the workshops. Our Seed Stewards are long term educators in other fields of sustainable agriculture. A full breakdown of Seed Cultivation, Maintenance, Storage, Breeding at one of our Full day of half day workshops would give you the caliber you are looking for in your gardening journey.

Community is a symptom of Seed Saving

Join conversations on the frontiers of plant breeding and soil rehabilitation. Seed Exchanges are the hubs for you to meet people of all backgrounds doing the work.

With our monthly seed exchanges, SLOLA provides speakers to talk specifics for the seeds of the season and general agricultural events. To spark interest we try to offer as much content for free. But to really learn about plant cultivation in a classroom setting we offer seasonal workshops at scaling prices for anyone who wants to grow.

Get Inspired email to reserve your spot.

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1 Comment

Seed Buddy Lori
Dec 14, 2019

and the Seed Tribe Survives! Gratitude over & over to all the Organizers, Teachers, Holy Nativity for hosting our audacious Seed School Teacher Training & Pam ~the cook & all donors who made this world changing event a Seedy SUCCESS!

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