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From Flower to Flour


The Seed Story of Wheat takes us back to different landscapes and rhythms of life. We are starting this seed year with a staple food: Bread. Nearly every culture starts the day with some version of "toast" or has traditional celebratory grain based food recipes. Despite urban settings, growing grains can be more feasible than you think. Saturday, we are gathering interested breadlovers and gardeners so as to keep the diversity of the seed fresh and abundant. 

Dana H. Morgan, a loving Master Gardener Professor and fountain of knowledge, has regular grain workshops and will share her seed stories with us this upcoming Saturday Jan 18 at 2:30pm in the Learning Garden's patio at Venice High School. If you like what you hear you follow her @danahdmorgan. You can continue to learn about how to make the most delicious dough you will ever taste at her monthly Bread Bakes every second saturday of the month at Holy Nativity Community Garden.

  Dana has been a member of the Seed Library since the beginning and has volunteered her time and seeds to our inventory for many years. She teaches at SMC and Emmerson Garden in Westchester. We are lucky to have her in our community. 

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