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The Harvest Season in a Seed Savers garden is the best reminder of abundance. This autumn SLOLA is celebrating harvest with CURRENT: LA FOOD at the From Seed To Earth celebration of Birth, Life and Death. You can find the SLOLA booth in the children's area giving away seasonal seed in hand made origami seed packets. Join Seed Circles where families can get their hands on seed cleaning with basil, cotton, beans and so many native flowers. We will also be reading for Seed Story Time at the top of the hour for the children.

From Seed to Earth is a one-day, family friendly event at Orcutt Ranch Horticultural Center —a 24-acre property in West Hills— that focuses on the complete life cycle of food production: planting, tending, compost and seed saving, and connects this cyclical act with that of birth, life and death. The fair-like event features: Hey Baby Feminist Parenting Group and Seed Library of Los Angeles (representing Birth); Food Forward and The Ford House Kitchen Garden (representing Life); LA Compost and Tembi Locke, Author of The Kitchen Widow (representing Death). These organizations will be offering workshops and lectures to educate the public about their specific mission and how it relates to both food production and our life cycle. Growing and consuming food does not solely comprise of planting and caring for vegetables. It also relies on death and decay: composting kitchen scraps and garden waste to place back into the earth as nourishment and energy for new plantings. In the same way, life is not only about celebrating birth and diurnal rhythms, but that death and grief are natural and harmonious aspects to our existence. Visitors are encouraged to bring a picnic, slow down, and enjoy the grounds as the make their way from station to station where aspects of “birth,” “life” and “death” will be distributed in order continue the plant life cycle back at home. This program is in memory of Giovanna Fabio, Lucia Fabio’s mother, who died of ovarian cancer on October 30, 2016. Giovanna was an immigrant, gardener and amazing home cook— her garden and cooking nourished many and Lucia continues this tradition

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