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Happy Birthday SLOLA!

 December 4th will mark the 9th Anniversary of the Seed Library of Los Angeles. We continue to build a library of open-pollinated vegetable seed and helped hundreds of people learn to save at least some of their seeds. Throughout the years members have revitalized several varieties from oblivion and we intend to keep at it. With your support the Seed Library is a safe space for climate action and learning.

As the year closes, consider a tax deductible donation to our never-ending work. You can PayPal to or send a check. Volunteering your time is always welcome if you cannot make monetary donations. Contact for info about joining the team. We thank you for your support and we pledge to continue the sacred tradition of seed keeping.

Happy Holidays.


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1 Comment

Seed Buddy Lori
Dec 14, 2019

Congratulations One & ALL Seed Friends! You've all come a long, long buncha rows to reach this Seedy greatness! Seed ON~~~*

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