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Learning Zero Waste Skills from the Garden

Hi ❣️ this Saturday let’s talk about the ways your little urban garden can help a zero waste lifestyle. 🍓#seeds and all. From using Banana leaves as plates to growing your own luffa scrubbers. Th@cerowastecindy will be speaking about her journey and demonstrate how she uses plants in her routine. @venicelearninggarden 2:30pm.

Cindy Villaseñor is an 🌿Enrich LA Garden Ranger (Teacher) She Practices♻️ Low Waste lifestyle. Loves Gardening, Plant Mamas, Camping Adventures, and 🌱Plant-Based Cooking.

The Seed Library will be open for seed exchange for members only. Become a member for a lifetime with just a one time $10 donation. Perfect gift for budding loves.

Happy Valentines Day Seed Friends.

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