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Seeds of the Season

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

Open Pollinated Seed in Los Angeles's largest food desert.

 Our work here at this point is mainly introducing children and adults to seed sowing and gardening activities through the Seeds of the Season program. The ancient traditions come naturally to anyone with earnest interest. Each season the Seed library focuses on a particular plant family and SLOLA Members all grow those types of plants. Recipes and cultural stories pertaining to these seeds seem to enrich the flavors of each individual bean.

This summer 2019 we are focussing on Legumes and Pulses. Also known as beans, peas, favas, garbanzo, lentils, and peanuts. Depending on your growing space you can choose from pole, vining or bush plants to fit your urban landscape. Beans are nitrogen fixers and have minimal watering requirements. Allums are not a companion plant.

When growing for seed make sure to keep record of the plant's characteristics. Label and Store seeds after they have been completely dried out

Garden programs sprouting all over LA are thirsty for participation. Parents/Caregivers are the most important factor in the success of these incentives. Growing beans with your children is just the start. At SLOLA we try to support families from seed to plate to compost.

The heart of seed saving is passing down the sacred traditions of plant cultivation for food and medicine. Before industrial agriculture it was our parents/caregivers that would give us this info but we know now that the times have changed. SLOLA holds the space for future seed sowers to be discovered. For families to connect and enjoy the peace of natural landscapes. And most important for all cultural and sexual identities to be celebrated. All the Teachers, Mentors, and Volunteers are what breath life into this organization.

Seed Internships

The Los Angeles Seed Library is calling for interested volunteers to keep branches running. Our goal would be to have the local residents become involved with this growing seed hub. To create a safe space where learning about environmental health concerns is fresh and appealing we need YOU. Email if you can offer up your skills in anyway, Painting, database, photography, seed stewarding, board positions. These Seed Libraries are wonderful places to meet people from around the world and to create lasting relationships.

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תגובה אחת

Katie Whittaker
Katie Whittaker
04 באוג׳ 2019

So wonderful to be connected with a group like SLOLA! Very important to preserve This diversity.

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