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New Venue Same Seed Magic

Spring is usually the most bustling time for Our 501c3 Seed Library. Nonprofits of all types have been uprooted by recent events. SLOLA particularly because most of its happenings were all in person. The Learning Garden has held our little seed hub for upwards of ten years now. Many of our members didn't even use or social media outlets but arrived regularly at the monthly meetings with a deep interest in seed matters.

In order to get things back on track we are starting a podcast to provide monthly interviews and information sessions about all things seed. Please be patient as we embark on a new interface. So much of our work has been an effort for us to UNPLUG and forget our mini handheld computers so this is a big flip. We are very excited to start something new. If you are able to volunteer your skills in audio editing or anything podcast oriented send an email to

Seed has always been a community effort. Let the magic of seed hold us together in these uncertain times. This spring the Seed of the Season No matter what the pandemic. We got to eat everyday. Are you ready to start the #plantaseedaday challenge. Whether its a sunflower in the parkways or an avocado seed on the windowsill. Try to return the seed to the soil.

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Sep 26, 2020

many many thanks for sharing this article.

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